I never could have thought my keyboard transforms so naturally into a grand piano every time I write. The prelude, the exposition, the recapitulation: it's my mind that creates; the fingers execute.

30th March 2018/ Of Nodes and Internodes

The remarkable thing about life is its tenacity to carry on. We worry so much about death and how it might snatch us when we’re ill or injured but life doesn’t give up that easily on us. It tries its utmost to heal and to carry on. This is its nature. We are born to die but in the course of time, not simply to be terminated before the given tenure. We fear death all the time. Perhaps what we need to fear is life and all that we haven’t given to it during our duration here. Life will do everything in its means to heal the wounds, right the wrongs we might have inflicted on it, to drag us back to normalcy. We have to let it. We have to assist it in its effort to keep us living. Watch a weed that’s shrivelled up for lack of water fight to come back in those tiniest of shoots, pushing up from the earth, tearing at the nodes and internodes, drawing back its life drop-by-drop-by-drop – because to live is a primal need. It is life's longing for itself...


white spring, snow-smears still

the earth stirs and rips open

a seed’s  birthed itself