I never could have thought my keyboard transforms so naturally into a grand piano every time I write. The prelude, the exposition, the recapitulation: it's my mind that creates; the fingers execute.



The Baonis belong to the Baghela Rajput gharana of 39 generations of artists originating from the borders of Udaipur/Gujarat. In the year 1118 AD their forefathers migrated to and settled in the State of Rewa, MP, known for its patronage of the arts and culture. As suggested by the surname Baoni (Hindi) their ancestors were Rajas of 52 small territories and in addition to being remarkable warriors they were also artists, writers, musicians of exceptional talent, tracing their contribution in the fine arts back to Akbar’s court. Forerunners of the Baghelkhandi miniature painting-form (a unique genre of Rajput painting in its singular use of technique, colour and form), the Baonis have over the years diversified their pursuit in the various art forms, literature, science and made significant contributions within India and internationally.

Observing the Guru-Shishya tradition of the Baonis, Rupam has trained under the distinguished painter, her father Rajendra Singh Baoni, sole survivor/recipient of the Baghelkhandi art form, who is not just a Master miniaturist but proficient in diverse genres of painting and sculpture with numerous National and International awards to his credit. He now devotes his time to maintaining the family art tradition as well as imbibing contemporary techniques and applying them to his current works. He says: 'One cannot allow cerebral interferences in the flow of creation. When the fingers move along with the rhythm of the heart, the mind will unravel its own complex mysteries.'